How Can I Get Facial Injections in Shrewsbury to Look Younger?

There are many different reasons that people get facial injections. Most are going for a younger and healthier look. After all, wrinkles make anyone look much older. Even if you’re not that old you can appear so because of crow’s feet or laugh lines. With facial injections it’s possible to get rid of many of these wrinkles and help your face appear younger than it is. If you’re looking for facial injections, Shrewsbury is a great place to get them at RenovoMD.

Types of Facial Dermal Injections, Shrewsbury 

There are a number of different types of facial injections that you can choose from. The most common is often Botox. This injection helps to relax muscles that create wrinkles and expression lines and remove thus quickly getting rid of wrinkles that appear throughout the face. The injection is made directly into muscle on the face so results are almost instantaneous. Other options may have the visual result like Botox, but they are made with different materials such as hydraulic acid, gels and chemicals. These may last longer than the Botox procedure. Some injection types such as Voluma are known to last 12 months or longer without the need for repeat injections. This can be appealing to someone looking for long and quality results.

Why Facial Injections?

There are a number of creams and gels which promise to provide excellent results for those with wrinkles on the face. The problem with these is that many of them are necessary to provide even minor results. You must use many moisturizers and creams to achieve less than a simple facial injection will provide. Many people opt to use a facial injection rather than buying so many different creams and products, which can be somewhat successful. Yet many people still buy them in large quantities trying to achieve the same results they will get from facial injectables and dermal fillers. The problem is they don’t realize these products won’t be successful.

When you get facial injections in Shrewsbury at RenovoMD, you will be able choose from a number of options and to achieve great results. You will be able to select from different injection types such as Voluma for cheek augmentation, Botox for wrinkle smoothing, Juvederm and Radiesse for filling and smoothing smile lines and Belotero for various types of wrinkles. In the end, this process will be much more successful than topical methods. It works below the surface, where the problem is. You will start looking younger within minutes to days rather than months or years. This is why cosmetic dermal injectables like Botox, Juvederm and other similar procedures have become more popular over the years. If you want to look younger this is the best way to do it. You’ll be glad that you took the opportunity and that you tried the procedures.