Be In The Know Before Getting Wrinkle Fillers!


If you want to get a youthful look without going through the conventional face-lift, you should consider using injectable wrinkle fillers. You can get the look you want at an affordable cost and you will not have to deal with pain and post operation issues. Most fillers work effectively to fill out wrinkles and lines within less than half an hour with the results lasting between four to twelve months. There are many types of fillers and it is important to ensure that you get the procedure done by an expert to get the best results.

1. Benefits of fillers

Injectable dermal fillers work by filling the crease using different substances, causing the crease or line to reduce in appearance. They can be used to fill out extra thin lips, plump or lift cheeks, and plump or add volume to hands that appear to be sagging. This treatment is very fast and straightforward and you will notice the results as soon as the treatment is complete. Fillers are a good solution when you are preparing for a special event like your wedding but it is a good idea to get the treatment a few weeks before the day.

2. Know the downsides

Just like with other facial treatments, there are disadvantages associated with wrinkle fillers, and the severity will differ depending on the individual. While some people will walk away with no side effects, others may experience some issues. Some of the side effects include formation of small bumps beneath the skin, a blue-like skin discoloration and the risk of allergic reactions. While for most people, the effects go away after a few days, for others it can take much longer. Some people have experienced color change for months but fortunately, treatments are available.

3. Proper use of fillers

For most people who have experienced negative effects, the cause has been unprofessional or improper use of the fillers. In a few rare cases, the wrong use has resulted in dead skin cells. It is very important to ensure that you get the procedure done by a professional. Visit a reputable clinic and get the services of a board-certified dermatologist who has relevant experience. Find out the type of fillers they use at the clinic and note that in most cases those with effects that last longer are also the ones that are sure to cause the serious side effects.

4. Specialist services

It is important to follow the dermatologist’s advice and avoid over-using the fillers. You should also note that some wrinkles will not be reduced by every filler you come across. To get the most benefits and avoid risks, you should use the right filler correctly. This is a major reason for having the wrinkle fillers applied by a specialist or a plastic surgeon.

All in all, there are different types of wrinkle fillers currently available and they include hyaluronic acid fillers, synthetic fillers, collagen and autologous wrinkle fillers. Weigh the different options you have with the doctor and find out the types of fillers available for your situation. Find out the basic ingredients used in the fillers and learn how they operate, as well as the best treatments areas before you settle on a preferred treatment.