5 Reasons Why Men Have A Hard Time Losing Weight


Losing weight is a very common goal that a lot of men share. Most men would want to lose excess weight so that they could be more physically appealing. There are also those who want to shed some fat simply because of health reasons. The only problem is that losing weight could be a little bit hard. Why do a lot of men find it hard to lose weight?

Eating junk food

When men try to lose weight, they usually focus on reducing their food consumption. It is true that reducing food intake could help one lose weight. However, if one cuts his food intake and feed on nothing but junk food, there would not be much relevant weight loss. Greasy burgers, pizza, and other chips contain a lot of oil as well as other ingredients which are not advisable to anyone most especially to ones who are dieting.

Too much sugar consumption

Too much sugar consumption could also result to insignificant weight loss. A lot of men spend a lot of time in the gym. They sweat and they burn their muscles in hopes of shedding some weight. The only problem is that after every workout session, they indulge on sugar-packed snacks as well as sugary beverages. It should also be noted that most energy drinks contain a lot of sugar.

Sitting down too much

Lately, there have been so many articles being circulated online on how sitting down too much could be dangerous to one’s health. Sitting down for several hours could prevent weight loss. At the same time, it could cause complications such as improper blood circulation as well as raise the risks of heart attack. Thus, those who work behind the desks or even behind the wheels must take time to stand every once in a while.

Dealing with too much stress

Some men really find it hard to lose weight simply because they are dealing with too much stress. Stress obtained from work as well as stress related to relationship problems could prevent people from losing weight. In fact, there are a lot of men who suffer from stress eating – that is, they tend to eat more whenever they suffer from stress. That is why every person trying to get fit should find ways to get rid of stress.

Not getting enough sleep

Another common reason why some men have trouble losing weight is that they are not simply getting enough state. An adult needs about seven to eight hours of sleep every day. There are so many reasons why men are not getting enough sleep. Work-related responsibilities, family-related obligations, such as time-consuming hobbies could all cause men to sleep less as well as gain weight.

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